Wednesday, July 11, 2007

13 Categories of 13 Things I'm Getting Rid Of

Thursday Thirteen

The Captain will be home today – so I decided to clean up (he’s a real neat nick) I knew just tossing out 13 things wouldn’t make a dent – so I decided to find 13 things in 13 different areas or categories around the house.
1. Kitchen
Set of 3 bowls with lids (alright, they were whipping cream containers), a ladle and whisk – must be for an army mess hall they are huge, a metal scoop, a wooden spoon – still in the paper wrapper from the ice cream cup,
Set of 7 corks from wine bottles – I think I got them in a $1 box at an auction, a rubber ring from an old canning jar, a paring knife – broken tip,
a rusty butcher knife, bear honey container with too dark honey, plastic cap from a cough syrup bottle, clear plastic tube from ????? – it’s cracked, and a broken night light with an extra cover

2. Books - this took the longest – I must have over a thousand books – but I have a hard time parting with any:
Cinderella Complex, A Gift to Myself, Healing the Child Within, Home Coming, Webster’s Secretarial Handbook, Brasco Book of Design – promotes windows and hardware, Cabins & Cottages, Flower Gardening 1 2 3, Healing a Parent’s Grieving Heart, 1994 Farmer’s Almanac, New England, The Perfect Storm, and The Hungry Ocean

3. Clothes – from my closet – after already discarding a lot yesterday
Pair of gray shoes and tan shoes, a Butterscotch, a beige, and a black wool skirt, White Jeans and blue jeans, 2 blue shirts, Plaid Slacks and black slacks, Green plaid flannel shirt and a Multi colored striped shirt

4. Dresser
A bathing suit, 4 Pairs of panty hose, Pair of hospital slipper socks, Pair of polka dotted panties and purple panties, Bra, Cloth bag, Pair of socks, Score card from mini golf, and a bag of panty hose.

5. Down stairs bathroom
Glitter hair gel, Empty Rubbing Alcohol bottle, Child’s mirror, Broken comb, Monkey fingers – hair clip, Cotton balls – loose, Grape shower gel – almost gone – bottle dented, Nail glue, head band, Kids wipes wrapper, Cardboard from hair clips, Stretched out hair ties, Got 2 be Glued – spiking cement

6. Upstairs bathroom
Broken comb, Old foundation – like 5 yrs old, KFC towelette, Headbands, Old broken watch, Plastic jewelry, Scrap piece of paper with phone numbers I don’t need, Guidepost magazine, Red lipstick, Empty hair spray, Motel shampoo, really old burn relief gel – hardened in the bottle, AA Battery

7. Bedroom
An audio tape, Pair of earrings, Stuffed animal, Candle, Heart shaped and Butterfly shaped cardboard boxes, Empty jewelry cardboard box, Sudoku puzzle book, Paperback book – Ralph’s Party, Another old watch, Suncatcher, Old keys I have no idea what they are for – perhaps the house I had in Virginia 5 years ago, empty plastic kool-aid container

Town & Country, Scrabble – I have 3 of them, The Trumpet Game, A Cribbage Board, A Jigsaw Puzzle, Poker Chips, Plastic Card Holders, Deck of cards, Another deck of cards, Another deck of cards, Another deck of cards, Another deck of cards, A nice double set of cards in a case

9. Basement
A cassette holder with 13 cassette tapes in it, Table cloth, Back pack, snowmobile suit, 2 wine bottles, Plastic coat hangers – the kind from the store with the clothes on it, sweat shirt, 3 pair winter Boots, Long dress coat, Parka, Windbreaker, 3 rolls of Wall paper, and Sneakers

10. File Cabinet
Old bank statement, Privacy statement from bank, AARP letter, A birthday card, Junk paper, More junk paper, Planet Fitness brochure, Old checkbook register, blank envelope, Brochure on lowering cholesterol, DVD that skips, Mosaic paper teddy bear, Old envelope – whoops I’d better keep that – it has some phone numbers I might need, Family issues publication

11. Craft Room
2 bottles of dried up glue, grocery bag of pine cones, bonnet made for a skit, dried up Christmas Swag, dried up Christmas Wreathe, broken pine cone kissing ball, Dried Autumn Leaves, Pink Bathroom Rug, Paper Gift Bag with tissue paper, Hand Bag, Package of ironing board clips, An egg crate – cardboard, Cardboard tubes from wrapping paper

12. Old Emails
I deleted 13 emails from my friend Bev from 2005
Then I deleted 13 more emails from Bev

13. Laundry Room
13 odd socks

Whew – All that – and I still don’t see where it made a difference


Mom not Mum said...

Wow that's quite a bit of stuff!!

amy said...

What a list, thats awesome!

Kristi K. said...

That's a great idea! I could probably do a list like that and not even see a dent in my excess junk. But it sounds much easier to do categorized that way. Cool!

JAM said...

Great Gooble-dy Goo, woman!

You're just a wee bit of an overachiever this week, eh?

We actually need to get rid of a bunch of stuff around our house too. I'm too lazy to make a list of them though.

Good work. I'm sure the Captain will be proud.

Qtpies7 said...

What would posess you to get rid of a whole bag of pinecones!?! LOL
I'm guessing that since you are getting rid of a cassette holder of tapes, you don't miss the one that I found of yours in our garage??
I want those decks of cards! We can't keep ONE good set here, and you have enough to throw out 7 sets!
Don't send me any, though, because its probably cheaper to buy some.

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