Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, I made it back to Minnesota. I had a great time in Arizona. My sister is doing awesome. Praise God. I spent time with old friends and made new ones.
It was great to see the grandchildren again. My youngest - going on 2 yrs old - wasn't talking much when I left - it's amazing what 3 weeks will do! He held up his arms to get a hug - proceeded to leave a glob of dripping from his diaper on my white pants. When I set him down, he pointed to the mess and said "Oh, man". Too funny.
I'll post pictures later.
Mika was glad to me - I was afraid she'd give me the cold shoulder, but she couldn't.


I'm Losing It! said...

Hey! Welcome Back! I love your new avatar pic! I was really only kidding about running away from that guy...(well sort of). I had a bad experience with a "biker type" a few years back myself.

Sarah said...

so is the "new friend" that you mentioned the biker dude? ~lol
I love your new picture, too! I am so glad your sister is doing better!

Jody J said...

Welcome home! I am glad that your sister is doing well and that you had a good visit. We missed you up here but at least you didn't miss a LNO...:)

Mike Golch said...

glad thing are inproving. Big time Hugs.