Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, I'm home in Maine and very glad to be here. The children were ecstatic to see us. And we were glad to see them too. We got here on Friday the 20th - went to dinner to celebrate and then got a huge welcome back to Maine snowstorm - we got 12-18 inches of snow on Saturday. Back to shoveling. The Captain went back to Virginia for another unsuccessful squid trip - and is now switching gear to go scalloping instead. Yahoooooo! I am keeping really busy with the new (to us) apartment complex we bought (borrowed for). Right now my "job" is to manage 18 apartments, 2 mobile homes, 3 houses, and 37 storage units. There are 2 apartments that are vacant and need extesive work to get them ready to rent - and there are a couple of acquired tenants that we need to move out. I didn't think it would keep me that busy, but I run all of the time. The office is located in the basement of one of our apartment buildings where we also have the storage units. There is an overhead door that we access with a security card - it seems like I'm always having to work to get in - either the door is frozen to the ground or blocked by snow falling off the roof. Post office runs, bank runs, collecting rent runs. But I feel so alive and energized by it all.

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Mike Golch said...

Glad to hear that you feel so alive.