Thursday, April 23, 2009

Slip of the tongue or mind????

I recently made fun of my daughter and granddaughter's error in song lyrics. What goes around comes around. Tonight at the dinner table, Arianna told David that some boy they both know wears pink shoe laces. I say "Isn't there a song about pink shoelaces?" No one can think of one, but I have the tune in my head - so I call my sister, Gwen and ask her. She says, "A white sport coat, and a pink CARNATION" - Oooops - you mean it wasn't "A white sport coat and pink shoe laces? my bad."

I've been working pretty hard lately at being a "Sally" (which is what guys call guys who don't do guy things well - like construction or handy man stuff), so I am really exhausted when I get home. The other night I decided to say grace and started "Come Lord George" Where on earth did that come from? The kids almost fell off their chairs laughing at me. I'll never live it down.


Mike Golch said...

open mouth and insert foot,maybe??God knows I done that plenty of times.

Joyful Noise said...

Sounds like you are needing more sleep!

Qtpies7 said...

OK, that is hysterical!
And I know where I get it. The kids and I went to an ATM and they asked why there was a spot to plug in earphones and I said it was for deaf people. I was thinking blind people, but............. Then wondered how a blind person would drive up to the ATM.