Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday hacking!

Too bad I don't have a bunch of old pictures scanned in my new computer to post here, but I am hacking the blog, nonetheless! Waahaahaa!

To Mom from Her Pesky Kid
I really love my mother,
And it surely makes me proud,
To know I’m one of her pesky kids,
And to sing her praises loud.

My mother has a birthday,
Almost every year,
And on that day she’ll ponder life,
And even shed a tear.

See, Ma don’t like her birthdays;
She says they make her old,
But she’s as sharp as she ever was,
If the truth be told.

My mother showed me lots of things,
About the world, you see,
So then I could teach my pesky kids,
The things my mom taught me.

Thank goodness for you, mom. Where would I be without you?
Happy Birthday!

By Karl Fuchs
Happy birthday and Mother's Day, Mom! I love you!


purple6 said...

Happy Birthday, Pauline!

Sherry said...

Nice tribute!

I'm Losing It! said...

Cute! I just wanted to stop by and wish my buddy a happy birthday! Actually, I just realized that in your neck of the woods...your birthday was over 15 minutes ago...if you were still in MN though, you'd have another 45 minutes to celebrate!! Hey Pauline, you won a book from my blog, so I need your snail mail address. Thanks! Jeannie

Dammy said...

Beautiful poem.

Happy Birthday!

Can't wait to be a father too some day...


Qtpies7 said...

You need to change your About Me now because you are not 55 anymore. LOL

Joyful Noise said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a good day and celebrated both Mother's day and your birthday well...would have kidnapped you had you been here! :) Many more!!!

Sarah said...

Happy Happy (belated) birthday, Pauline! I hope you had a great birthday, and happy Mother's day, too! I love that Lisa hijacked your blog! What a fun poem for you~