Friday, April 27, 2007

Whine #2 Late Again

Alarm went off at 5:30 – Not going to work until late (11am) today, so no hurry getting up.
6:30 – dragged myself out of bed. Granddaughter asleep in sleeping bag on the floor of my bedroom (have guests using grandson’s room – they are taking turns using the sleeping bag in my room) – Go down stairs to get grandson moving – he has his big speech for the Writer’s Camp in school (3rd Grade). I have to get a vest made to look like buffalo hide, a buffalo hide bag to bring his props in – no problem I don’t have to leave the house until almost 8 and bring him to school, then do some work at my husband’s office (he has several business’s and is away most of the time working as a captain of a commercial fishing boat – so guess who does the paperwork!). I go down “cella – as they say here in Maine “ to sew up the vest.
7:00 – What is Mika barking at? Who would be coming here at 7am? I go upstairs – in my pj’s and robe – and there is the “Lady from DHS” to visit the kids – I forgot. So- I put her to work. Grandson practiced his speech for her, while I finished the props, rushed Arianna, introduced our guests.
7:15 - She was still there, so then I put her to work tying the map/invitations for grandson’s upcoming birthday party.
7:30 – She leaves, good – I can encourage the children to hurry up a little more loudly.
7:50 – What time does school start grandson? 8:20 – Let’s go – we live 6 miles from school.
8:15 – Drop grandson off – WOW check out those time machines. We were supposed to work with out children on their book report – time machine project. They had machines bigger than me, some using real branches, oh no, I’m terrible, I should have made him work harder, I should have done more , almost in tears. There was an option to do a schematic drawing or prototype – we did the drawing.
8:30 – Drop granddaughter off at sitter – head to next town over to get mail.
8:45 – Go to office with mail to deposit checks – divided among the 3 companies – you know rob Peter to pay Paul sort of thing, trying to hurry and the printer kept jamming – twice I used 3 checks to print 1. The check for insurance printed wrong – I’ll have to stop by and give them a manual check. After I go to the bank.
9:30 – I really need to get out of this office to be back to see dgs’s speech at school. But first I have to go back to the house - I need to bring in a copy of dgd’s birth certificate to her school.
10:00 – Arrive at school – watch child give speech – prototype of covered wagon was awesome – dgs got up, and did great. Feel much better.
10:30 – Made four deposits, stop by insurance co. – need lots of papers signed – takes too long.
10:45 – At dgd school – get birth cert. copied.
11:00 – Should be at work, but I’m 18 miles away – call and tell them I’m on my way.
11:15 – Stop at rental property – just to check – the couple split up, police involved, she had girlfriend move in – they are now a “couple” – with 5 kids between them – a 2 bd trailer. Trash everywhere – dog and several cats – no dogs allowed. Tell her she has to put elec in her name, cause was in guys she booted out’s name and I don’t want it in mine.
12:00 – Finally get to work. Had 3 calls from above “guy” from between 8 and 12.
4:20 – Getting ready to go home, I think I’ll stop and pick up some bleu cheese and see if my guests have any wine to go with my whine.

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Qtpies7 said...

I can't believe you forgot the DHS lady was coming!

I think you should blog about that time when you lived in Phx and made a wedding cake and that friendly guy admired it so.

And that time when you used to clean the bank at night.