Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pets I've Loved

Thirteen Things about Pauline
1. Capper - I was a toddler and we got a white Spitz - my sisters wanted to name him Casper - but I couldn't say it so Capper it was - I have a scar on my hand from him
2. Dan - a golden retriever left at a farm place we lived at. Great dog - hunters came to borrow him.
3. Lassie - a mutt I got - we lived on a turkey farm and she started killing baby turkeys - just one here or there - my parents told me a nieghbor found a home for her - when he came to get her he put her in his trunk (so his car wouldn't get dirty) that night while home alone - Lassie came crawling home with a gun shot in her neck.
4. While pregnant with qtpies7 we got a St. Bernard and named him Moose - did he ever look funny sitting on the loveseat.
5. When qtpies7 was a toddler we got her a black kitten - I would call - here kitty, kitty, kitty - and she would call "He kaliddiditty. so that became it's name.
6. We moved to a Dairy farm and got a great German Shepherd named Judge. He was very good with the kids.
7. After moving from Minnesota to Arizona we got a little terrier mix named Mandy - She loved to dress up in the kids t-shirts. I mourned for a week after she died.
8. Then we got a desert tortoise named Sherman - who loved bananas.
9. Then came Randi - Mirandi Cecille - she was a Pomeranian. When I was pregnant with my youngest she would only eat crackers - just like me.
10. Blaze came next - a Curly Coated Retriever who insisted on getting our newspapers and if one of us didn't know he'd been out to get it - he'd end up getting the neighbors also. He also helped carry in groceries.
11. Another black cat - Bagheera. He was declawed but still took birds out of the air.
12. I got Mika - you've probably seen her in a previous post at the Arizona Humane Society. The best dog I've ever had.
13. And now we also have another black cat - Midnight aka Nightmare. He's also great.
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Qtpies7 said...

What about Rockafeller by George? Poor thing, that would make a sad story.
Drew is laughing hysterically over Lassie. Isn't he terrible? Hope the Air Force shapes his butt up!
I remember Mego, and Pumpkin and Peanut.
Wasn't Mandi run over?

Babystepper said...

Sounds like you've had a lot of furry friends.

Great TT idea!