Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Update - New Job

I finally have a full-time job. I start this Friday. I'll be a receptionist in a secured lobby of a large marketing company. It kind of seems "top secret" reaching under my desk to push a button to unlock the front door and making photo i.d. badges for visitors. I'll also be doing some human resource projects. I'm excited about starting.

Now, there may be a few snags. Yesterday my jeep wouldn't start, it turns over but won't start - a neighbor is working on it - and hopes to get it running today. It would be nice to be able to get to work on Friday. The other snag is that I have such a bad cold I just can't seem to stop coughing. It is debilitating. Hopefully it will be better by Friday. I was supposed to work at a temp job in St. Cloud all week - til Friday anyway. Yesterday I used my son-in-law's car and got there at noon. He stayed home so my daughter could use the car to go to an appointment with the kids in the morning. Today I couldn't get there at all. Makes me feel so guilty.

There are five drivers in our household, and six vehicles in the yard - one of which works at this time - and that one has a cracked windshield and is missing the driver's side mirror. We're hoping to have at least 3 of them working this week. I know, we sound like rednecks - but it is what it is.

A little while ago I was thinking about getting a post together and asking for prayers for my sister who is at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester today and tomorrow for tests. Just after this thought I got a phone call from the Mayo asking for her. They have my cell phone as the contact for her - I took her there about 6 weeks ago for testing. De'ja` vu. Anyway - I would appreciate prayers for her. One of the tests she is having is an endoscopy - but for her it is very dangerous because she has had several stomach operations and her organs are not all in the proper place anymore. One time she had this procedure done and the perforated something and she had to have emergency surgery.

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Qtpies7 said...

Have you heard how Aunt Betty is doing yet?
Woohoo! Jeep is fixed in time for your first day at work!!!