Thursday, August 7, 2008


Next week I'm going to Arizona to spend a few weeks with my sister. She went home from the hospital today, but needs 24hr observation for a while. She sounds great, but still a little hazy. I'm planning on encouraging her to be creative while I'm there, and I plan to take advantage of her art supplies and do a little creating myself. I haven't heard from Peg - the winner of my bloggygiveaway pet portrait - so I think I'll draw another one - I need the incentive.
(I'll still honor the giveaway to Peg - if I hear from her in the next week) I'm also going to be looking for another job when I get back - I work for a temp agency and have been working steady for the last few months, but family is more important.
I'm going to miss my Mika - my daughter just got a new puppy and Mika is jealous, and she is not going to be happy that I leave her behind.


Pattie said...

Hey Pauline -

I hope your trip next week turns all to be all you hope for. Have fun being creative!

Give our best to your sister from all of us here in Blogland, ok?

Mike Golch said...

give your Sister all of my best from my household to you and her's. Hugs and Blessings. Glad that she is going home. Mike G. said that!

Qtpies7 said...

Mika will do fine! Drew took her to the river yesterday and left Oreo behind. We'll keep making sure she gets special times without Oreo. She really is one of the best dogs I've ever seen. Mesa would be the only one better, but only because she played ball with the kids. Remember how she used to dribble the ball between her feet?

Jody J said...

Enjoy the time with your sister! We will miss you tough...keep blogging to stay in touch :)

RobynsOnlineWorld said...

Hope your sister is better soon. That is nice of you to go and stay with her. Enjoy being creative in a different space, always a good thing!

Sarah said...

Have fun on your trip to AZ! Enjoy your vacation! I will be on my vacation next week~
We will miss you!

Machie Family Genealogy said...

Oh you poor baby - Arizona in August! Remember I lived there for 8 years and I know what I am talking about.

Want Meka to come to North Carolina with us?? I would take care of her in a heartbeat and you know it too.

Enjoy your time there but hurry back. Will you have a computer there so you can email me?

Take care of you and your sister please.

Hugs and Kisses - Linda

Peggy said...

I am so sorry about not getting back to you. My Mom got sick and I had to move in wiith her and there was no computer in her home. I did buy a laptop and saw that I won.
I want to ""Thank you for holding the spot for so long .
Congrats to the new winner!!