Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, I've been here in lovely Payson for almost a week now. I guess it's about time I do a little blogging.
I'm sitting in my sister's "Makin' Room" - that is what her grandchildren call her craft room. Cute, huh? My niece just got the internet set up down here so I can spend a little more time on-line.
It is absolutely beautiful up here in Rim country. I've been taking quite a few pictures - I'll probably have to wait until I get home to post any of them.
I even found a store that makes caramels as good as the ones I buy at the local pharmacy back in Princeton.
I miss everyone back home, but I am enjoying my family here as well.
My youngest son, PJ and his girlfriend are coming up to visit today. I think we will pack a picnic lunch and head for the river. My suitcase will be heavier coming home with all of the "special" rocks I find.


Jody J said...

Good to hear you are enjoying yourself...we miss you. Have fun on your picnic with your son and your time with the rest of your family!

Pattie said...

The Makin' Room - I like that!

Have a great time with your sister, Pauline. Tell her hello from all of us!

Qtpies7 said...

What, no pine cones??? Who are you and what have you done with my mom?

Sarah said...

It sounds like you are really enjoying yourself! We miss you, too! I am praying for you for job possibilities! And for your Jeep! :)

Kary said...

We are glad you are here.