Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Decisions, decisions

This is a huge decision for me to make. Sometimes, with the passage of time, you forget why you do things. I know I was miserable, I know I was emotionally/verbally abused. I know that I didn't stand up for myself. I also know that I probably could have handled things differently on my end also. We are talking about counseling. My ex has said that he is willing to go for counseling and has been working on being less critical. We are both praying for wisdom.

As many of you probably know - I have been married 4 times. I always end up leaving. I end up with abusive partners. Not physical - but emotional. Can it be different this time? Is it time to stop running? Am I an enabler? Am I a Drama Queen? One thing different about this relationship - is that when I left the first 3 - I didn't look back, it was over. I can't seem to get over this one. I keep sensing that I need to be there - for him, for me, for the grandchildren. I will keep praying.

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Machie Family Genealogy said...

I would like you to think about something please.

If you knew you only had a year to live - What would you do?

Whatever your answer may be - do it

Life is short and believe me 'This is not a dress rehearsal'

You have only one life to live, so do what you feel you want, can, and/or must do. It WILL be the right decision for you at the time you make it.

YOU must live your OWN life the way YOU see fit to live it.