Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not about me

A little more about my recent thoughts. One of the things that bothered me in Maine was that I never felt like the lovely home I lived in was "mine" - it was always my husband's home - then it was always my daughter's home - now it is my sister/neice's home. In Maine I had a lot of stuff that I have carried with me over the years, but it just piled up everywhere - I left a lot when I went to MN - then I left most of that when I moved to AZ.

I figured that maybe I'm looking for something to fill my heart - I lost my mother at age 14 and maybe that is what I need - maybe I need the Lord more - so I have been praying consistently and fervently. I give myself 10 minutes every morning, just thanking and talking to our Lord.

You know what I found out? Nothing here on earth is really ours anyway. I don't miss my stuff, I miss my purpose. I found out that I am really a selfish, whiney, human. I plan to live more as a loved child of God. I pray daily to become more selfless rather than selfish. This world isn't about me it is about Him.

I talked about how the views here tug at my heart strings and always toward God and His awesome creation. Well, when I was in MN driving to and from work - I felt the same tug - when I would see pheasant, or deer (unless it was roadkill), the lakes. When in Maine, I traveled along the Kennebec River every day and never tired of it - it always drew me toward's God's awesomeness. So - I guess you could say - the whole world is God's Country.

Enough - gotta get to work

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