Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Feeling a bit whiney today. I'm looking for cheese.
Airbags, hummmm? When are airbags supposed to inflate? My son was in an accident, his airbag did not inflate and he did hit his face on the steering wheel, breaking a couple of teeth - note: his teeth were not in good shape to begin with - but that is neither here nor there.
He wasn't injured bad enough that he was taken to the hospital - he doesn't have insurance and is pretty broke, so he toughed it out. His car was totaled - he hit a pole dead on. Anyway - a week or so later, he recieved a recall for the airbags in his car. So he called to file a claim, hoping to get his teeth fixed. What a run-around. From what I heard today from talking to a guy from GM - the airbags aren't necessarily made to inflate in all head on accidents. I don't get it - when are they supposed to inflate? I've heard of them inflating by tapping a car while parrallel parking. Aren't they supposed to protect you from smashing into the dashboard or steering wheel? I guess it may have something to do with how the accident happens - if the brakes were slammed on or not. Confusing. We're still waiting to hear back from them. We don't believe in suing for millions of bucks, but I feel fair compensation should be given. All he is asking for is to have a dentist bill paid, nothing else. Does anyone think the matter should be pursued? And if so, any ideas how to go about it?


Gattina said...

That's difficult to say but usually (in all countries of the world) companies and insurance companies always find an excuse NOT to pay, sad to say !

yofed said...

That sounds familiar! My brother in law had an accident last year... his bumber ended up high up in a tree, and the airbag never inflated!