Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen ~ 13 things I'm whining about

Thirteen Things about Pauline
13 things I'm whining about
Break out the cheese, I'm about to whine!
  1. My weight – since getting the grandkids 2.5 yrs ago – I have gained 35 lbs. Yikes!!!! – but, the doctor wanted me to gain at least 10 – and I’m pretty healthy and still weigh less than most Maine women in their 50s lol
  2. No privacy at home – since getting the grandkids, I can’t even go to the bathroom in peace… but, before they came I was incredibly lonesome with The Captain gone to sea so much.
  3. My job – my job used to be my haven, things have changed so much it gets really tense… but, I still get treated well, good pay (better than most women in Maine lol – by about $6more an hour), help with insurance premiums, paid holidays and vacations, great co-workers.
  4. The price of gas!!! It costs me about $60 a week to get to and from work. My car is a gas hog - … but, it is 4-wheel drive and gets me up my steep driveway in the Maine winters.
  5. I miss my family – I have a son who lives on the west coast, a son and sister who lives in Arizona, a daughter and sister who live in Minnesota and I don’t get to see them very often – not even once a year sob, sob, sob. …. But, I have unlimited long distance phone service and yahoo for the internet email.
  6. My car is old – no air bags, no cd player and I drive for over a half hour each way to work and would love to listen to different programs on cd since they don’t make them on cassette tapes anymore boo hoo …. But, I do have a lot of tapes and my car gets me safely to and from work and I don’t have any car payments.
  7. My dog doesn’t want to travel with me anymore – I have to practically force her to get in the car – she’s getting older (and perhaps wiser – and doesn’t like my driving – see a previous post)… but she has been a faithful companion and guardian for the past 8 years and she still loves to see me when I get home.
  8. My house needs so many repairs! Both decks need to be replaced – a lot of wood rot, the kitchen door needs to be replaced – the double pane window in it has gotten moisture inside and always looks foggy and dirty, we get sand in the tub and sink from the well, we have no a/c and lots of lots of windows that don’t open…but, we have a roof over our heads, and a fantastic view.
  9. My closet is a disaster! I have way too much in it. A lot I can’t wear anymore – see #1, and some I just haven’t worn for years, some I should pack away for next winter, my shoe rack keeps falling off the door…but, I have an abundance of clothing and resolve to give some to good will – I guess you could say my closet runneth over.
  10. My husband is hardly ever home to help me with the kids or the housework or deal with the tenants or just to talk to and to hold … but, he is a hard worker, he loves and provides for us – he makes us laugh (when he isn’t pushing us towards excellence)
  11. My driveway (actually a shared dirt road leading down from the mountain that we share with 2 other families) is so full of potholes, my car is eventually going to fall to pieces…but, I never tire of the wonder of the narrow mountain road’s offering of wild life – deer, partridge, wild turkey, daisies, blackberries, pine, birch –totally awesome!
  12. Tenant problems! See a previous post here and pictures here – tenants can be nightmares! We have 11 rentals right now – one is empty and needs a lot of work before it is habitable again… but the others (well, one has a whiny tenant) are all rented with excellent tenants – they keep the places neat, pay their rent on time, don’t complain – most have been in the same unit for years. I’m not great with math but the percentages are definitely on the good tenant side.
  13. My computer at home is soooooooooooo slow – I have dial-up service and an older computer, I have trouble downloading or uploading pictures or even blogging much … but, I do own three computers, do have access to the internet so what in the world do I really have to whine about?


Qtpies7 said...

You sure did have some whining going on, but typical you, you turned them all to the bright side!
Is there such an oxymoron as a pollyanna pessimist? Pessimistic Pollyanna?
And if we can make it to visit this Christmas, it will be two years in a row of seeing you! Or is it 3? When was the Loony Bin reunion?? Trinity was a baby, and she's 3 1/2.

Mama's Moon said...

Ahhh, I love whine with cheese! Looks like you're comfortably 'whining' though. I'd sure like to have my mom create a list of stuff now that the family and I have moved in with her in the last few weeks!!!

Happy Thursday!

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Yep, going to the rest room alone. I dream about it. One day. :)

Dana said...

I think I would be excited if I only spent $60/week on gas! We drive gas guzzlers too.

Pen said...

You did turn all the whining into positives. I need to hang around here more to learn to do that!

Sounds like you live in a beautiful place. A little slice of heaven right outside your door!

Happy TTing!

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Hmmm....closet space...don't get me started. Mine aren't large enough and they all need to be clearned.

Lori said...

My doctor would never ask me to gain 10 couldnt imagine. Happy TT.

JAM said...

This isn't much help, but if you have a cassette player in your vehicle, and also a small cd player, like a little sony one you can walk around with, then you can buy what looks like a cassette tape with a cable and plug on it at Walmart for $10. Take your cd player with you in the car, plug the plug end of your $10 contraption into the cd headphone jack, and put the cassette end into the cassette deck of the truck and turn on the truck's cassette player and your cd player. You might have to adjust both volumes a bit to get it where you like it, but you can easily listen to cds in a cassette deck equipped vehicle. Heck, even if you don't have a small cd player, you can get one of them at walmart too for $10. So for $20 you can easily listen to your books or music on cd in your cassette equipped truck.

Hope things start looking up for you there.

Babystepper said...

I brought you a nice big block of cheddar.

I think we've all got issues we could and do write about. Life can throw a few curveballs, can't it?

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Sounds to me like you did equal parts whining and appreciating. Nicely done.

Happy TT!

Ed said...

Don't forget the crackers. We all have our moments ,but it is good to see you looking at the bright side also.


Qtpies7 said...

Mom, I was checking your stats page and looked to see if anyone found you by a google search, and there are 3 searches on there. One doesn't say what they were searching for, but landed on your WW with the lobster. The other two were "nasty nock nock jokes" and "what to bring to a sleepover." LOL