Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen ~ Weird things on my shelves

Thirteen Things about Pauline

1. A 3 point deer antler found in our woods.

2. A baton found in the basement of a rental house we purchased.

3. Three spurs and three horse shoes found in the Arizona desert by nephews while javalina hunting.

4. A small clear box with 66 porcupine needles taken from Mika's snout - along with a porcupine paw given to us by a friend of the Captain after hearing about Mika's adventure with the porcupine.

5. An old canister of pick-up sticks, 7 sets of Jacks - most old, a couple new, a book about how to play jacks and 3 jars of old marbles.

6. An old soap stone with flannel cover - used to warm the bed on cold nights.

7. A snake skin found in our yard

8. A rubber coated bottle, a round bottomed green bottle, 2 brown glass bottles, and a heavy metal cone-shaped item - perhaps from a torpedo - all caught in the Captain's net at one time or another.

9. A cow??? knuckle that Cling-On picked up while visiting in Arizona

10. A Pitch Pipe for guitar - No one here plays a guitar - or any other instrument as far as that goes.

11. An old wooden buoy - the kind that were attached to fishing nets years ago

12. Weird shaped branch, a wooden dowel, and 10 rocks - why? I don't know

13. Bear Bread - Native American term for tree mushroom - also known as Artist's Konk

As you probably noticed, I bunched stuff together - I actually had 56 lines I had to condense into 13. I probably could have had 13 per shelf. lol

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Crazy Working Mom said...

Wow, some very interesting things ya got there! :)

Great list.

Thanks for sharing and happy TTing.

Lara Croft said...

I would hate to do this list in my house. It would be 13 per shelf, per book shelf, per room! LC

impworks said...

A somewhat eclectic list of things there. From looking around I'd say I was mostly surrounded by books...

JAM said...

Some very unique items. Sounds like you could make a couple more T13s out of the shelves on days your imagination just isn't there.

Lori said...

Very interesting....Happy TT.

Just.Me said...

If they ever have the "Let's Make A Deal" show again, I think you should put most of that in your purse and go to the show!

Qtpies7 said...

LOL, if only they KNEW how we weedled the list down to 13! And that we said 13 per shelf! LOL Those are just the weirdest on the shelves, lol.

FRIGGA said...

Phew, I'm not the only one who'll save weird things.

Happy TT13 - mines up at

Babystepper said...

Quite an eclectic mix!

The Chatterbox said...

Shelves do accumulate the most random stuff! Great list.

byoc said...

Did someone say books? I just cannot throw books away. I broke a bookshelf a few weeks ago jamming too many books in it. No one ever wants to help me move.

Qtpies7 said...

Its the pinecone collection that scares us, lol.

byoc said...

Pinecones? I don't have an obsession with pinecones. Do I? Well, tonight we went to the drive in theatre and I had to throw out a few pine cones that were in the back to make room for blankets and pillows. lol