Thursday, May 24, 2007

Raising Grandchildren

Thirteen Reasons I'm raising Grandchildren

1…. About 6 years I was spirited away to Maine by my now husband - The Captain. He is away fishing the Atlantic for weeks - sometimes months at a time. I did'nt know anyone here and was feeling very isolated and lonesome. I wanted family near me - be careful what you pray for LOL

2. Thanksgiving 2004 dh brought home 3 of his grandchildren from NC : L - 14yr gd, D - 6yr gs, and A - 4 yr gd. (We just got married that June)

3. The children were living in an abusive home - and we were very worried about The Captain's daughter also. She was physically, verbally, and emotionally abused - but chose to deny it.

4. The DHS had decided to step in after the police were called re: L So we petitioned for emergency guardianship to keep the children together and in the family.

5. The eldest gd (L) was also abused - police pictures of scratch on chest - from her mothers at that time boyfriend and scars on her legs from being beat with the plug end of an extention cord.

6. The gs was also beat with a belt.

7. The youngest gd was not physically abused that we know of, but recalls seeing abuse and hearing it.

8. We were pleased when we went back to NC to court that "mom" decided to come back with us. She got a job, started nursing school - then after 6 wks left without so much as a good-by.

9. Two days before (L) had to testify in court re: mom's boyfriend - mom married him and ended up testifying against her daughter.

10. Mom's boyfriend/husband is not the father of any of the children. He was released from prison in 1989 for 2nd degree murder. And didn't deny charges of physical abuse against 2 other women since then.

11. The eldest (L) ended up living w/biological father after 9mos w/us. The youngest 2's biological father lives in NC and is unable to take care of them.

12. The children are a blessing to us - they keep us young and very busy with cubscouts, dancing, counseling, Sunday School, school, sitters, friends - plus we both work full time and are trying to set up our retirement by investing in rental properties - you know, have someone else pay the mortgage - but it is still a lot of work.

13. Praise the Lord - Mom (after 2 yrs) decided to put the kids first - She has divorced, moved to Maine, is getting counseling, has an apartment and a job. She backslides - but is steadily improving. (L) ran away from her father and is now living with mom - She is not quite ready to raise all of the children by herself, but is on the road to that point.

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yofed said...

These kids are lucky to have a gramma like you!

amy said...

Blessed children and bless you! What a list

Kim said...

Those kids are very lucky!!!!

Lara Croft said...

I hope they will always feel in their heart how enriched their lives are for having you in it.

The Rock Chick said...

Those kids are so lucky to have grandparents like you!! I so hope that their mother keeps improving. Sounds like she and the kids have had a terrible struggle to overcome. I know with your help, they will definitely make it!!!

Jessica The Rock Chick

ivan said...

hi there! =)

i'm still about to have my very 1st baby. but i always knew how my grand folks feel about having young kids around! =) you're very blessed.

happy T13! here's mine: Dear Me

Jeannine said...

I hope and pray, that things will stay on the straight and narrow!
Feel hugged!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You are an amazing woman. All the best for your daughter in her struggle to have a better life.

Kristin said...

Thank you for loving your grandkids! There are some that wouldn't even bother.

Great list!

Babystepper said...

I know quite a few people in your situation. I'm glad there's a generation that can be counted on.