Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3 People who influenced me

Thirteen Things about Pauline

13 People who have influenced me in the last 55 years.

1. Lisa – my daughter – faith in God, good mother, good friend, confidante, funny
a. She is a wonder, a blessing – not only to me, but to her husband, her children, her friends, her church
b. I am so proud of her – I am amazed and sometimes (forgive me) envious of her mothering skills and her wonderful sense of humor.
c. She has been a joy to me all of her life – Sometimes she is my confidante – sometimes the rolls get reversed and she mothers me when I need it.
2. Shane – my son – military – capable
a. I am so proud of him – He is a Lieutenant in the Navy
b. He is very capable – he did well in school – did well in "boot camp" and has gotten to this level of excellence without my help (good thing, because I wasn’t in a position to help him financially get through college)
c. When I really need him, he’s there.
3. PJ – my son - struggles – calls
a. I am also proud of Paul – he is the late bloomer of my three children
b. He doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up – he’s 22, but I’m confident he’ll figure it out
c. I’m proud that he has shown great respect for women – he has been approached a couple of times by underage, or intoxicated women and chose not to take advantage of the situation. – Also he always calls his mommy – at least once a week.
4. Betty – my sister - taught me how to cook, launder, iron, set limits
a. My mother passed away when I was 15 – my older sisters helped raise me. Betty was 26, she had 4 children at the time my mother passed, and lost a daughter to leukemia 11 months later.
b. Betty taught me how to cook, do laundry, change diapers, love children.
c. Betty also set limits with me that my father didn’t know how to do – like curfews and chores. She is always there for me.
5. Gwen – my sister – business partner – friend –
a. Gwen also took me in – when (the spoiled brat that I was) was unhappy with my father or other sister. – But she didn’t put up anything either.
b. Gwen and I share a love of art – we both paint and had a wind-bell company for awhile – we had clients such as the Lawrence Welk village in CA and the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma – but we found we were too meticulous for production line art work.
c. Gwen has always been there for me – and supports me in everything I do – although not without a few disagreements.
6. Mom – say good things – Samaritan
I only have fond memories of my mother. Anyone I talked to about her only had praises for her temperament and goodness.
She always found the good in people and was always willing to share whatever she had with those less fortunate. I remember one time when I was about 12 – I woke up and a strange man was sleeping on the couch – I went out to the barn and asked who he was – Mom had no idea he was there – she came in, woke him up, gave him hell, then fed him breakfast.
She loved the Lord, she loved her husband, she loved her family, and she loved her neighbors.
7. Dad – trap – laugh at self
a. He taught me how to trap gophers! I can’t image how I was able to smack their little heads and chop off their little feetsies – but I did – and I got 50 cents a pair for those feetsies.
b. He could always get me with his stories. He convinced me that the remains of an old log cabin we found on our property were from Abe Lincoln – I told my class that – DUHHHHH!!!! – Abe Lincoln never lived in Minnesota.
c. He could bounce across the hardwood floor on his behind – with his arms and legs raised up. Too funny!
8. John – my husband -laugh – stretch yourself – art
a. The first thing I noticed when I first met John was he was always laughing on the phone with his grandchildren.
b. He has so much confidence in my artistic abilities – he talked me into entering my work in the fair – and I won ribbons on them all! I never would have thought it possible
c. He is very demanding – a perfectionist – although he never expects anyone to do anything he would also do. He has taught me that I can accomplish a lot more than I think I can. (Even though I’m usually mad when I do it – lol)
9. Grandpa – bum, story teller
a. My Grandpa was also a teller of tall tales. He was always laughing
b. I loved walking in his garden – He taught me how wonderful it is eating fresh peas from the vine.
c. I also learned not to be afraid of wood ticks. My cousins and I would have contests to see who would have the most ticks after swinging on the old tire swing in his back yard.
10. Arianna –my granddaughter - giggle, move
a. She is a treasure – she giggles and is in constant motion from the time she gets up until she falls asleep at night. She absolutely loves everything and everybody.
b. I’ve relearned to see the wonder in everything – the clouds, crayons, buttons, numbers, words, rhymes, holey socks.
c. I’ve had to learn how to do very tiny braids – and bead them!
11. David – my grandson who is laid back, understanding
a. I have so enjoyed watching him change from a sullen little boy 2.5 years ago when we got custody of them to the happy-go –lucky boy we now have.
b. He is always cracking jokes and making faces in the mirror – but never forgets to tell me I’m beautiful when we’re on our way down the driveway and I figure out I forgot to put my make-up on.
c. I’ve learned patience – he doesn’t move fast – he loses himself in video games, TV, or books – (just like his grandma).
12. Beverly – my friend, - shoulder, ear, friend
a. Bev has been my best friend for 20 years. I can tell her anything.
b. She lives in AZ – we don’t talk often, but when we do – it is like we just saw each other yesterday.
c. She is always there for me.
13. God – Number one
a. My Lord – I am so thankful for every thing he does for me.
b. He gives me gifts – talents, passion, compassion, love, kindness, energy when I don’t think I can anymore, family, friends, health.
c. He reminds me that His timing is everything – mine is insignificant. I am so blessed.

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byoc said...

I remember your dad also used to put cigarettes out on his tongue! It totally impressed me!

Qtpies7 said...

Opps, I was signed in as you, lol. I remember about your dad, not you, lol.. (I'm the dd, Lisa, and I maintain the blog)

Toni said...

Great list!

Dana said...


yofed said...

That was great. It's always good to be reminded that people in our lives do amazing things for us everyday. It is so easy to overlook them!

LLD said...

It sounds like you have some amazing people in your life.

Nice list!

JAM said...

Happy birthday, you're blessed to have all of these great people in your life.

FRIGGA said...

Good list! Happy TT13