Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen~ crying

13 Times I Remember Why I Cried, Wept, Sobbed or Bawled

This past Saturday I woke up in a very depressed, lonely mood. I just cried and sobbed for over an hour. (I kept to my bedroom so the children wouldn’t worry) I called a friend and sobbed hysterically but had no valid reason for it. All I could think of was that I just didn’t have the energy to go out and mow the yards. The next day I got a migraine and was physically ill. I have had a cough for 6 weeks and am just getting run down. I went to the doctor Tues. and was sent for a chest x-ray and blood work. So the crying was probably just form being worn out.

Pondering my senseless crying episode, I decided to try to think of some times that I cried, but actually had a reason attached to it. So here goes.

1. When my eldest daughter (qtpies7) started Kindergarten – we lived in the country and she had to ride a bus. We went to orientation, so she would know which bus to take. On the first day of school, I got ready to walk her out to the bus stop, but she wouldn’t let me. She insisted that she was a big girl now. I cried and cried looking at my little girl standing at the end of our driveway with the BIG yellow school bus coming to pick her up.
2. It seems like that darling little daughter caused more than a few of my tears. When she was about 4 or 5 years old, she had her first dance recital at a retirement home. I sat in the audience and cried and cried – I was so proud of her – my little girl up on that BIG stage (platform??).
3. When my mother died – I was 15 – Long story , I felt that I should have done more – she had an aneurism, and there was nothing I could have done, but I still felt guilty – and I didn’t really get to say good-bye.
4. Looking at my father when he was in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s – He looked so scared and totally lost – it broke my heart.
5. When I thought Baloo died in the Jungle Book.
6. When Dumbo’s mom was locked up and she tried to comfort Dumbo through the bars.
7. When Pete said good-bye to his Dragon.
8. When the same darling daughter mentioned above reprimanded her own little girl for refusing to tell me she was sorry.
9. I sobbed so loudly during “Stepmom” on a girl’s night out that my granddaughter has decided to never to a movie theater with me EVER again.
10. I sobbed through an audio tape of “Stepmom” while drive from Essex CT to New Bedford MA – that I totally missed Providence RI – I was supposed to turn there and completely missed the city and didn’t realize it until I was 40 miles from Boston.
11. Whenever I watch "Romeo and Juliet" - I watched three times when I was a junior in high school (yes we had movie theatres way back then - 1969) I cried sooner and longer each time I saw it.
12. Listening to my niece rehearse “On Eagles Wings” for her father’s funeral (my brother-in-law) and again at the funeral.
13. When two baby mice I tried to rescue from the parking lot died while I was putting together a habitrail I bought for them.

By the way – I was an adult watching #5, 6, and 7

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Qtpies7 said...

You forgot how you bawled so loud in ET that you embarassed me silly.
Or the time that we watched Little House on the Prairie when Mary's baby died. You cried soooo hard that you "took a leak" hehe.

Gina said...

I am a real cry baby myself! My eyes get all puffy after a sad movie :( that my husband teases me that I am a bit of a "masochist" because I still watch and enjoy them anyway!
NIce T13! Happy thirteening!

amy said...

I cry easy sometimes as well. I cried the entire time I watched the movie radio!!

Babystepper said...

Sounds like you've given yourself a lot of free therapy, there.

Julia said...

Awwwwww *HUGS!* It okay to cry sometime, and most of what you aren't alone. Lot of people go through it. But I hope somewhere in times, things will work all for the better for you :)

Happy Thursday Thirteen

JAM said...

Everyone needs to let it all out now and then with a good cry, even us testosterone laden men.

You don't necessarily need a good reason, but don't you feel better after having done it?

I do.